TLS certificate verification

When connecting against a server using an https/TLS connection, TLS certificates are verified by default. By default, self-signed certificates will cause trouble when connecting.

client = ArangoClient(hosts="https://localhost:8529")

To make connections work even when using self-signed certificates, you can provide the certificate CA bundle or turn the verification off.

If you want to have fine-grained control over the HTTP connection, you should define your HTTP client as described in the HTTP Clients section.

The ArangoClient class provides an option to override the verification behavior, no matter what has been defined in the underlying HTTP session. You can use this option to disable verification or provide a custom CA bundle without defining a custom HTTP Client.

client = ArangoClient(hosts="https://localhost:8529", verify_override=False)

This will allow connecting, but the underlying urllib3 library may still issue warnings due to the insecurity of using self-signed certificates.

To turn off these warnings as well, you can add the following code to your client application:

import requests